No software setup in your server. On sign up, we will configure your booking engine.


Display As a Service - Download the display app on your device, configure it and off you go.

Calendar View

Month view, Week View, Room wise view or Agenda wise view.

Easy Setup & Configuration

Setup your rooms and attendees

Multi User Log-Ins

In-Built user security module with 3 different roles. Role based operation restrictions.

Color Coding

User wise color coding of the bookings for easy identification.

Email Invitations

Send out meeting invitation to all the attendees

Dynamic Meeting Display

Configure your room display with ease.

Spot Booking

Instantly book the available room from the meeting display without any intervention.

Extend Current Meeting

Want to extend your booking, no problem, do it from the room display without any assistance.

Check-In Meeting

Booked meetings must be checked in by the user who has booked. Non checked-in meetings will be automatically removed.

Check Room Availablity

Check out today's schedule. Book any available spot from the room display.

LED Status on the Device

Provide LED status (Green/Red) on the device when the room is occupied or free.


Check room occupancy, minute wise slot performace and no show reports

Google & Micrsoft Exchange/365 Integration

Check room occupancy, minute wise slot performace and no show reports

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